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Nature conservation

Well-preserved nature, great biodiversity and diversity of landscape, rich animal and plant life, various habitat types, diverse geological structure, diverse relief, great variety of cultural landscape and much more are the most prominent characteristics of Slovenia. The adoption of the Nature Conservation Act in Slovenia provided a basis for the overall conservation of biodiversity and protection of valuable natural features as part of Slovenia’s natural heritage. Around 10% of Slovenia’s territory today falls within protected areas, 35.5% of the territory is protected under Natura 2000, and 14,901 valuable elements of nature have been given the status of valuable natural feature.

One of our key tasks, and also a responsibility, is to protect and conserve plant and animal species, their habitats and valuable natural features. The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia ensures this by the consistent and effective implementation of legislation and administrative procedures, and other related professional tasks.

Our aim is to increase the work effectiveness of professional and administrative service in the field of nature conservation, so that we will be able to coordinate all professional activities in this field and to effectively respond to international obligations, as well as to actual factors posing a threat to biodiversity and valuable natural features in Slovenia. We wish to maintain a high quality of work in the field of implementation of legislation and other international treaties, and continue to actively participate in introducing international initiatives for the conservation of biodiversity, with the priority at the European level. At the same time, we are making efforts to inform the public and raise its awareness by organising and carrying out trainings, preparing publications, proficiency studies, reports and other materials that may help clients and the public, and are published on this website.

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