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Environmental protection

Environmental protection

The state of the environment is the result of many pressures on the environment, which are mostly linked to human activity. This activity is usually manifested in emissions of substances and energy into the environment (water, air, soil) and waste. You can learn more about emissions, producers of emissions, and the related legislation and administrative procedures by exploring individual themes on this website.

Active care of the environment and improvement of its status must be integrated into spatial planning and into any other planning of activities affecting the environment. In order to reduce adverse environmental impact, various economic instruments have been introduced, such as an environmental tax based on the “polluter pays” principle. A very important instrument for stimulating polluters to reduce pollution is an environmental tax exemption or reduction in the case of investment in environmental protection.

In order to achieve an integrated and unified system for providing the control and planning of permitted emissions, decision-making in administrative procedures has been introduced. Administrative procedures are carried out in compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act (Zakon o upravnem postopku – ZUP). There are more than 200 types of procedures. For most procedures, forms have been developed to help clients and administrative officials. In order to ensure accessibility to as many clients as possible, forms, regulations and basic instructions are available on these websites by individual subject area.

Following the enforcement of the new Environmental Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu okolja – ZVO-1) in 2004, two sizable new chapters were opened, which affect the control and reduction of environmental emissions, and the phasing-out and substitution of hazardous substances. But most of all, they are intended for promoting the development and use of technologies that prevent, eliminate or reduce environmental burdens. The first is the introduction of a special environmental permit for activities and installations that could cause large-scale environmental pollution (IPPC permit), and the second is trade in emissions rights, which is one of the economic and financial instruments of environmental protection.

The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia conducts administrative procedure at first instance, and issues administrative decisions and other legal acts. It also prepares data for the purpose of enforcing outstanding debts arising from administrative decisions and concession fees. In addition to that, the agency keeps important records and databases of environmental and other important data within its own field of work. It performs professional tasks, which form the basis for decision-making in reducing environmental pollution, waste management and nature conservation. The agency also keeps the register of emissions coupon trading, maintains a system of trading in greenhouse gas emissions rights, introduces initiatives to amend regulations, and comments on drafts of new regulations related to its own field of work. In its work, the agency participates in international projects, as well as in the implementation of different conventions ratified by the Republic of Slovenia. You can learn more about all these activities by exploring individual themes on this website.

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