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We are establishing a system of quality in line with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/SIST/IEC 17025 international standards for two accredited laboratories: the Calibration Laboratory and the Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

Our basic objective in the area of quality is continuous improvement of the quality of services, which we may achieve only through the inclusion of all processes, operational functions and employees in the system of quality management, and in this way we can facilitate its effective functioning. We can achieve this objective by adhering to the following principles:

  • The primary objective for us is to become the leading, expert, effective and trustworthy environmental institution, capable of transferring our knowledge to other related institutions around the world.
  • We are orientated towards a culture of communication, culture of living and life in general.
  • The task of all employees is to ensure and constantly improve the quality of our services and the entire process of operations and procedures, which we achieve through the consistent implementation of the prescribed quality management system.
  • We constantly monitor the attainment of quality objectives set and immediately eliminate deviations.
  • We are aware that the proper training of each employee is a precondition for achieving and maintaining the required quality. This is achieved through continuing education, targeted training and incentives.
  • The management ensures that in relation to clients, the adopted quality policy is consistently fulfilled.
  • The management ensures the professional and personal development of all employees, with the day-to-day application of methods and techniques to monitor the state of the environment and natural processes. The management exercises the principles of business quality through the constant improvement of processes and the releasing of creativity, talent, positive energy and motivation of all who work with us. It monitors the results of processes with the aim of preventing the emergence of procedural hindrances and their continuous improvement. It includes employees, clients and suppliers in the implementation of processes and their continuous improvement.

The management fulfils its commitment to quality also in such a way that all workers know, understand and carry out the adopted quality policy.

The quality policy is the framework for determining and reviewing quality objectives. The policy is carried out as part of regular annual management reviews.

We will fulfil the quality policy by achieving the following long-term objectives:

  • better planning,
  • consistent adherence to priority tasks,
  • improving documentation,
  • ensuring systematic monitoring and directing processes, results and tasks,
  • increasing employee and client satisfaction.


Slovenian Environment Agency
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